There’s a lot of aspects to this band.  Together non-  stop for over 30 years, the band has been through a  lot of different personnel changes as musicians have  moved around from project to project.  But the band  has stayed together, stayed working and added a  number of different things to their shows as new  members have joined and added their influence to  the mix.  Taking a cue from the first Blues Brothers movie, the  band was formed in the mid-80's as a local attempt to revive the R&B/Soul horn bands, so prevalent in the Southern  Ontario, Canada area in the late '60's.  Over the decades, the band has kept its original ‘raw’ R&B sound, along with  adding more technically-precise and difficult arrangements.  During the 1990’s, different ‘Tribute Show’ ideas were  added to their original R&B show as the band finally settled into the present day band ‘package’ that, on any given  weekend, could be any or all of these things.  POWERHOUSE continues to develop and play regularly, throughout Canada and the northern US – taking one of their  shows as far away as Europe a few years back.  The band has been overseas, down through northern New York State,  to Quebec Canada, as far west as the United States mid-west, and all over Southern and parts of Northern Ontario.    All the current band members are involved with many other things outside of POWERHOUSE – original recording  projects, other bands, other interests and other completely dissimilar occupations – yet the band continues on, year  after year.  The ‘Photo Album’ button on the navigation bar to the left has links to mostly pictorial, fan-friendly pages on all the  band's history, travels, shows and adventures over the years – from its earliest beginning as a raw, R&B local band to  its present identity as a multi-dimensional musical group.  We hope you enjoy the stories of our band.  The POWERHOUSE Band